Angelic memorial stone

Welcome to the Mill Road Cemetery website

The cemetery is a place to enjoy peace and rest; to remember those who have died, both those buried here and loved ones buried elsewhere. It is open all day every day.You can watch the birds, walk the dog, study the graves and local history or simply enjoy the green space. It is listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site and several of the tombs are also listed as of special architectural and historical interest.
The cemetery is consecrated ground, consisting of burial grounds for 13 of the oldest parishes in central Cambridge. The land is owned by the clergy of the parishes with plots. It is managed by the Parochial Burial Grounds Management Committee and maintained by the City Council, in collaboration with the Friends of Mill Road Cemetery.

Please respect the cemetery and its plants and wild life, and do not climb on the graves, which is dangerous, can cause damage and is disrespectful.

The notice boards at the end of the Avenue and at the Norfolk Street Gate provide information and notes on things to look out for.

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